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  5. "Uw zoon of dochter?"

"Uw zoon of dochter?"

Translation:Your son or daughter?

December 25, 2014



"Dochter" sounds annoyingly close to "dokter".


I assume you mean in the context of other sentences so I'll restrain myself from commenting on the intepretation, 'Your son or doctor?' ;) I agree, although, they are about as similar as 'sock' and 'shock'.

Come to think of it, I've encountered (Portuguese) folk mishearing 'doctor' as 'daughter' in English. I think that 'daughter' may have it's origins in defunct English mutation (cf. think, thought) so it might come from 'dau(c)k' + 'ter' and have been pronounced close to either the Dutch word.

Nup, apparently, 'daughter' has only occured with the '-ter' suffix since as far back as Proto-Indo-Iranian but I can't find what the 'daugh-' cognate in PII would mean. '-tr-' is probably some kind of grammatical declension.


How do you pronounce "Uw" ?


The computer voice is pretty accurate, the w is not very outspoken, but it is pronounced. You can find more examples here: http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html#UW


Thank you, I will try harder xD


It's not easy when you're just beginning to learn a new language. Listening a lot and repeating what is said can help a bunch (e.g. repeat out loud every sentence the Duolingo voice says).


That's what I am going to do haha but it's not that easy...But thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it! :D


"Your son or daughter?" is an incomplete sentence. In Dutch does this imply a verb such as - " Is it your son or daughter?"


It's called an ellipsis.


I wish people like you outnumbered the actual majority on the forums.


We get sentence fragments all the time on Duolingo. Think about it in a conversation context: "Who wanted the pencil? Your son or daughter?"


Dochter is really close to the persian word "دختر" (dokhtar) and has the same meaning! I wonder what is its origin.


It is similar in many germanic languages as well as Greek, Sanskrit and Lithuanian (apparantly)


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