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Re-mastering skills

Why do I suddenly need to re-master almost every skill? Looks like a bug.

May 4, 2012



The chart seems to have been reordered and new questions added to many of the topics. It think it is just ongoing improvements to the lessons rather than a bug. Bring back the owl! :-)


It was the same for me. Half my "trophies" were stolen from me overnight! But when I did tests again to get them back duolingo threw a whole load of new words at me that were not in the tests the first time I took them!


Mine are gone too! :( Something obviously went wrong when the latest update was made. No me gusta! And I already miss my friend the owl.


I miss the owl too. When I took the get out of basics test. The questions were at the same level I have been getting for practice every day (level 10 not basic level at all.


Same thing happened to me. I need to go back and re-master everything now lol. I second the owl movement!!


Me too...new words and trophies gone!
Bad design without explaining to us... Now I'm wondering if they will re-appear or do I need to re-do them all?


Okay, I have gone back and remastered a bunch of skills. It appears that there have been more exercises and points added to the skills that were lost. Having remastered the skills I also scored additional points. So, it might not be a bug but new additions to the exercises and skills we already mastered. I have no objections to that - after all, exercise makes perfect - but I still would like to have the owl back!


I feel left out. All my trophies are intact. What's going on?

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