Streak stolen

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I was on a 146 day streak with a back up in place "just in case". I was active on duo all week for at least an hour. I can't figure out what happened to lose my streak. Even if I skipped a day, (but I didn't) my one-day freeze should have been activated. The only thing I did out of the ordinary is check the readability of duo on my smartphone. I may have even set a new daily goal just for fun but that should not have erased my streak. Tuesday should've been day 147 and Weds. 148. Can someone please help restore my streak???

December 25, 2014


Once you've lost it you can't get it back even if there was a fault. It doesn't matter it's only a streak, by loosing your streak it will not affect your learning xD

If you recently set a daily goal, I hope you are aware that the daily goal needs to be met for the streak to continue.
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Bummer! I wasn't aware of that! But I wonder why my streak freeze did not kick in?? Oh well. I'll lower my daily goal to avoid any other surprise penalties. Thanks for your replies and happy new year!

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