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  5. "Han er en vagt."

"Han er en vagt."

Translation:He is a guard.

December 25, 2014



"Han er en vagt" means his profession. "Han er vagt" is either somthing he is currently doing. Or the start of a sentens explaing where he works as a guard i.e. "Han er vagt i smykkebutikken" he is a guard at the jewllerystore

June 13, 2015


Why is there a difference in pronunciation between fast and slow mode? Duolingo is consistently like this.

January 19, 2019


AFAIK, the fast mode is natural, and the slow mode is a set of separate words. Some words change a bit, when they are unstressed.

April 5, 2019


In one exercise there was no 'en' before profession, but here there is. Am I correct in assuming that a Dane would rather say this sentence as 'han er vagt'?

March 29, 2015


if it is his profession you would just say 'han er en vagt'.

December 9, 2015


Why can't "a sentinel" not be used?

October 27, 2016


I have never used that word in my life

December 15, 2017


This is strange. Vagt is normally pronounced with a hard g from my experience, but this pronounces vagt with a silent g?

April 23, 2019
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