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  5. "Han er en vagt."

"Han er en vagt."

Translation:He is a guard.

December 25, 2014



Why is there a difference in pronunciation between fast and slow mode? Duolingo is consistently like this.


AFAIK, the fast mode is natural, and the slow mode is a set of separate words. Some words change a bit, when they are unstressed.


"Han er en vagt" means his profession. "Han er vagt" is either somthing he is currently doing. Or the start of a sentens explaing where he works as a guard i.e. "Han er vagt i smykkebutikken" he is a guard at the jewllerystore


In one exercise there was no 'en' before profession, but here there is. Am I correct in assuming that a Dane would rather say this sentence as 'han er vagt'?


You are right.There is no "en"before profession in Danish

He is a teacher: Han er lærer Jeg er lærer He is a lawyer: Han er dommer Jeg er dommer He is a farmer: Han er landmand Jeg er landmand


if it is his profession you would just say 'han er en vagt'.


Why can't "a sentinel" not be used?


I have never used that word in my life


So it's only deffinite articles we ignore when a noun meets a proffesion?

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