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  5. "The squirrel hides its nuts."

"The squirrel hides its nuts."

Translation:Egernet gemmer sine nødder.

December 25, 2014



To "gem" is to "store". To "hide" something is to "skjule", but Duo for some reason does not accept this. I wrote "Egernet skjuler sine nødder". Any advances from a Danish speaker?


"Egernet skjuler sine nødder" is fine. I would like to add one thing though, i have no problem with animals hiding or "gemmer" something but "skjule" is perhaps better translated as "conceal", two words which to me imply a consciousness and awareness of the (bad) intentions of others.

In other words "Egernet skjuler sine nødder" could be used in a story about anthropomorphic animals but i would not recommend it in a nature documentary.


Do you mean paranoid squirrels ? http://www.theparanoidsquirrel.com/ These subtle differences must just be memorised. Thanks for replying.


Gemmer is definetly the best translation but I don't see any reason why squirrels skjuler couldn't be a proper translation in the context. Personally I'm not too keen on how squirrel psychology works, but I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be able to tell, that someone was trying to get to their nuts.


So does a drag queen. :)

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