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"Eles vão trabalhar na fazenda durante um mês."

Translation:They will work on the farm for a month.

July 19, 2013



I think it is the fault of the English language rather than duo. We would never say "they will work during one month" it mixes up the tenses but it is a mistake many of my non English friends make. You could say "they will work for the duration of a month"... although you'd never say it in normal conversation, because we are lazy and remove the unnecessary bit ie. "the duration of" to be left with just "for". Hope that makes sense, sorry if it's a bit garbled I've just woken up!


Wouldn't they are going to work on a farm for a month also be correct?


When does durante mean "for?"


Well, they should accept "por"...


They may accept that in the English -> Portuguese version. I only saw the Port->Eng.


Strange.... Duo loves literal translations (even making no sense in English!!), and now they dont accept it!! O.o Frustrating..


Right? Anyway, these oddities always make me wonder if the Portuguese version is correct. Does the original sentence in fact work in native grammar?


Oh yes, this structure is used in Portuguese! It is just not matching the Engkish sentence.

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Durante translates as during Paulenrique. You really are amazing!


Shouldn't "work on a farm" also be correct? Or would that be "no uma fazenda"?


yes, that's right too!

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