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Separate Login to Duolingo instead of Google Connect

Presently I am logged in to Duolingo via Google connect. So there is no separate pasword associated with this account. It is directly authenticated via Google.

Is it possible to login to Duolingo by giving my google email id and new password instead of connecting via Google ?

or is it possible to transfer my progress to a new account if I create one ?

December 25, 2014



I think you should move this post to the "troubleshooting" section and also send your question to the staff via the "Support" tab that is located on the left of your screen.

I don't think the second option is possible, but I do think that something can be done with your first question (I don't know the answer, though).


Merci. I didn't notice the "Toubleshooting" section on dropdown then.


Try logging in with the email currently present in the Duolingo account (which should be same as the one with which the Google account was created) and your Google password. If you are able to log, you can then change the password to a new one of your choice.

If you don't see an email present in the account setting page, you can add one.


Ok. Thanks. I got it now. I didn't try google password. But I used the email id connected to this account and then sent a request for new password (Forgot password). Solved now.

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