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mikrophon dont work - why not??

hello at all! i wish you all a merry Christmas!

i have the problem: my mikrofon doesnt work - does anybody know, why? i am sure, my micro is working, because for video-phoning i can use it (skype). and of course, i activated in the settings here; i am sad, because i would like to use also the mikro .... maybe, someone could help me

December 25, 2014

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Same problem here :( I am very new on duolingo and thought, that I missed something.. but can't help myself. Settings are checked and the microphone is on for sure. I am learning on a desktop PC. (Browser: Firefox, OS: Linux Mint)

  • Updates are done, Browser reseted, and Flashblock is off for this site. -- problem remains..


i still don't know, why the micro doesn't work ...

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