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Lingots have disappeared

I have been practicing both in my PC and in my mobile and this afternoon when I last checked my mobile I had 641 lingots. I have just logged in my PC now and I have only 611 lingots. I have not taken any special practice modules or spent my lingots in any way. Where have my 30 lingots gone, I wonder?

December 26, 2014



Did you maybe unlock any bonus skill for 30 Lingots?


I don't remember doing that. I had decided to finish the mainstream trees before taking any of the bonus skills. I may have accidentally clicked something, though. I'm taking three languages, so now I have to find out if and where I clicked wrong... Thanks for your response!


You can do a quick check by going into the lingot store and seeing if a skill says "equipped" :)


I found out this morning that I must have accidentally clicked on one of those suits available for the owl on the mobile, and I ended up buying the tackier one, with the gold jacket and the sunglasses. 30 lingots for that! :-( Anyway, now I know what happened, and I will be extra careful when playing on my mobile from now on. Thanks for your response!


Merry Christmas! :)


I like your Matilda profile picture.


I really like that illustration. It captures the moment when we read something that moves us so much we have to stop reading and look up from the book for a while.


Me too. I lost my 30 lingots, and only have one left.


Scratch that, I lost the last one.


why is the "progress bar" in red at times and blue at other times?


It corresponds to the strength of the skill. It will match the color of the skill as it appears on your tree/course. :)


Me too, I have 20 lingots and now it's only 2, O_O


I had over 30,000 lingots and after an update I had only 9,000. No explanation. Now I can hardly get any new ones other than by maintaining a streak.

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