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Swedish TTS update?

[deactivated user]

    Will the Swedish TTS be updated eventually? It's common knowledge, as I understand, that it is a poor TTS and a new one is being worked on?

    December 26, 2014



    I agree that the Swedish TTS is poor, but isn't a general problem? The English voice is not good and the French one is said to be bad as well.


    I love that sadness!


    Why not use a real human to read the texts?

    For example breakfast sound here more like fru-kost (wife-food) than fruk'ost.

    Fully automated TTS might not be very easy because of hetonyms. For example kort means short or card depending on the pronounciation.

    When not talking just single words prosody makes things harder.


    Human voices are annoying. Everyone went crazy when Team Irish announced a human voice for their course and it does sound great but there are several disadvantages: the text cannot be read slower; you cannot hear individual words; new sentences do not have any audio. I would choose TTS over human voice any day.


    That's a good point! But there should be a way to steer the TTS, e.g. by adding some kind of mark to tell where to put the stress or even adding phonetics for words that are totally off. I mean, a voice that pronounces "racket" like rejs-sket definitely needs to be tuned.


    Are you Swedish yourself?


    What does TTS mean?


    Text To Speech (The Voice)

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