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  5. "Ton épaule est rouge."

"Ton épaule est rouge."

Translation:Your shoulder is red.

December 26, 2014



Fun to realise where certain terms come from. As I remember, epaulettes are ranks (or other devices for civvies) worn on uniform shoulders.


Why is it when Duo has a color associated with a body part such as shoulder, or chest, it is always red? Not that any other color would be better though.........


I suppose it is because the exercise is dealing with medical phrases and usually a just-inflamed body part gets a rush of blood to it and tends to be red from that.

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What color would you suggest? Yellow? Green? Orange? But seriously, here's a look at French vs English idioms. In English, we might say that something is "black and blue", but in French it is "plein de bleus". So "Mon épaule était plein de bleus" = my shoulder was black and blue.


A rash. They're talking about a rash.


If I check the translation for l'épaule onDuo is giving the shoulder and gender feminin, but in the sentence is used Ton épaule (meaning masculine). So why is ton épaule? It is because is starting with a voyelle?


It is-the French like things to sound nice


I know why :) it is because you cannot say ta épaule, because ta ends with a vowel and épaule starts with a vowel. In this case in French ta is replaced with ton, this is a rule we learned in the first lesson of any class.


Tu dois voir l'autre type...


Should have used sunscreen


se souvenir comme ça: "pleurer sur mon épaule" - "cry on my shoulder" c'est mieux :))


Why is it Ton if the épaule is feminine?


Everytime it's feminine but starts of a vowel or silent h you use masculine form. Similar to English when you say "an apple" not "a apple".

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