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"Quando nós podemos abrir nossos presentes?"

Translation:When can we open our presents?

December 26, 2014



How does one know when to pronounce the D in "de" with an English D sound or a "dj" sound?

  • di = djee
  • "de" in the ending of words sounds like "djee" (cidade, bode, cabide), except if the syllable has an accent sign, but there are few examples (cadê, Canindé).
  • "de" in the middle of words sounds like in English (cadete, modelo, bandeja).
  • "de" in the beginning of words can sound like "djee", it depends of the word and the brazilian region, but I believe it's more common to pronounce those words like in English.
  • All the other words with "d" sound like in English

However, there are brazilian regions where people pronounce "de" and "di" like in English. Duo teaches the accent from São Paulo.


Is there a specific time when people open their Christmas presents in Brazil and Portugal - ie Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or is it left until 6th January?


Hi ..It is in the christmas Eve, the people open your presents in Brazil.


Thank you! Just a bit before us here in England then - we open our presents on Christmas morning. (And the younger the children, the earlier they open their presents!)

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