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"Ella definitivamente no duerme."

Translation:She definitely does not sleep.

July 19, 2013



I think my 'She definitely is not sleeping' is a better translation than your 'She definitely does not sleep'. Yet mine was flagged as incorrect.


Maybe. If the idea is that she is not sleeping at this very moment, not sleeping = no esta durmiendo


OK but I put she is definitely not asleep. I am just thinking it must be a lot of work to program all of the possible correct answers into this.


I asked my spanish partner, and she feels that "... not sleeping" is a correct answer (as well as "... does not sleep"). Without context, you can't tell what was meant. imho "... not sleeping" should be accepted as correct.


Sunnymeader, yours definitely (definitivamente :-) makes more sense in this case, since "she definitely doesn't sleep" suggests that she never sleeps. But I think rspreng is right that we can't translate "no duerme" as "isn't sleeping".


It may have both the "she never sleeps" as a constant syndrome in one context and "she is not sleeping" in another, but DL never likes the gerund translation, even though I think it would be the preferable translation in many cases. Some of the acceptable translations (by DL) would nail someone as not a native English speaker.


At this level, we have only been dealing with simple present tense. We haven't started dealing with any other tense. So until they introduce them, keep your answers in simple present tense and you shouldn't lose a star


I lost a heart for saying that too. But in retrospect, perhaps we have to diferentiate between the simple present and the progressive tenses.

I think that means that "...is not sleeping" would more accurately be "Ella definitivamente no esta durmiendo" as rspreng says.


Mi madre, quien es mas viaja, definitivamente no dureme mucho en la noches, menos ella toma pastillas para dormir. Eso se determinado a traves de pruebas.de suenas. Es una problema para ella. "Is not sleeping" no es tan bueno.

"My mother, who is older, definitely does not sleep much at night, unless she takes sleeping pills. That has been determined through sleep tests. It's a problem for her." "is not sleeping" doesn't work as well in this context.


She is definitely not sleeping .vs. She definitely does not sleep. Not sleeping would mean that she sleeps. But she isn't sleeping right now. Does not sleep would mean that she never sleeps. So duolingo prabably thought that was a better translation than yours.


I agree with you. DL NEVER seems to use the 'ing' (progressive present or whatever its called as I could care less). We know in spanish the sentence translates both ways so it would be nice for them to show it can be so.


"She Is Definitely not sleeping" sounds better to me (instead of "She Definitely Is not sleeping")


Porque ella es un Vampiro


Oh dear. Did someone catch me yawning?


Does spanish also this (and other such words) in the sense of exaggeration? For eg. If I see a girl with a lot of dark circles, I could say "She definitely doesny sleep", but that would be an exaggeration because I know she does sleep. Similiarly for 'literally'.


Use this, doesn't, Similarly*


She is not asleep. I know this has a slightly different meaning but could this be a better translation. Alternatively, she definitely does not sleep (at the office). Without a context ... :)


Is it a false cognate to think this might mean definitively instead of definitely?


Not in general. It looks "definitivamente" means both "definite" and "definitive". http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/definitivamente and http://www.linguee.com/english-spanish/search?source=auto&query=definitivamente

But in this sentence, I don't think definitively makes sense.


Is there really a difference in English?


I think so. "Definitely" means "certainly, now". "Definitively" means "conclusively, forever".


Definitely means - in a clear definite manner; uambiguous; unequivocally; positively

Definitively means - most reliable or complete; serving to define, fix or specify definitely; having its fixed and final form


Pues que hace ella?


If you don't give context you can't rule out specific answers now we are all here speculating instead of studying! Which is fine for those who want to procrastinate...


Is she a Cullen? ;P


Wow, she sure drank a lot of coffie. :-)


I agree with the comment below


why would definitively instead of definitely not work here?


This sentence really reminds me of the movie "The Ring"...


"definitely she does not sleep" should be accepted


I had a weird error. I typed ella definetivemente no duerme and it kept saying I typed english until looked up the correct spelling. It should have just recognized my bad spelling or counted it wrong.


What s wrong with she definitely did not sleep


Did not. Does not.


Your answer is past tense and the question is in present tense.


Does it bother anyone else that someone definitely does not sleep not even for a few minutes, anyone

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