"Universum är stort."

Translation:The universe is big.

December 26, 2014

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Whoa - a definite noun that doesn't end in "-n" or "-t"... Does anybody have any insight as to what is going on here?


It is actually indefinite. This is similar to how Swedish use words like the Internet without a definite form. (There is only one and there is no need to specify it further.)

Universe is a little bit trickier since there are theories and fiction with multiple universes where you may need to refer to the universe of a specific world.

Universum är lite klurigare eftersom det finns teorier och fiktiva historier med multipla universa där man kan behöva referera till universumet i en specifik värld.


Tack för förklaringen! Jag tror att detta är faktiskt logiskt.


But at the same time I suppose it can be used as an indefinite noun, like 'Det är ett små universum'? So how do we make a difference and as it is a general noun in English, there is no need to be articulated in this specific example. :)


Yes, although do note that små is the plural form, you want litet.


So to be clear, is it commonplace to go for "Ett" Universum when the definite article is required?


What? If the definite article is required, you definitely shouldn't use the indefinite article.
When the definite article is required in English, we'd normally just say universum in Swedish with no article, just like here.


Sorry Arnauti, I phrased my question badly. I just meant should we regard Universum as an "Ett" word when required! Thanks for the quick reply.


Ah yes, it's an ett word!


"Rymden är stor. Ingen skulle kunna tro hur ohyggligt vansinnigt stor den är. Någon kanske menar att han har lång väg till att gå till exempelvis apoteket, men det är bara skrutt om man jämför med rymden."


Hahaha, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe in Swedish... who could've thought, my, my.... :D


I guess that ties in with the other discussion, actually - in english we would say Space (is big) and The Universe (is big), but in Swedish it looks like it's the other way round - rymden (är stor) and universum (är stort).


jag ser vad du har gjort dar...


Immediately had this in mind and checked the comments for just that. So thanks a lot for posting! Tack så mycket ;D


I think sometimes "rs" in two separate words like here gets "sh", but sometimes not like in this case. Is there a rule or is less used if it appears between two words?


I was looking for this point, too. Usually "s" becomes kind of "sh" when it follows r. Like in the word "universum". And usually this rule applies even throughout separated words. But between "är stort" it doesn't "work". Does the "t" affect the "s" more than the "r" or is it something else that happens here?


I honestly have no idea why. It's likely just idiomatics, and could be because är is so frequently just pronounced e. Though I don't usually merge the retroflex a lot anyway, so I could be the wrong person to ask.


I had forgotten universum


Varfor inte "the universe is large"?


That's also accepted.

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