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Dutch parents but born in New Zealand

I just wanted to share that both my parents are from the Netherlands but I was born in New Zealand and grew up understanding the dutch spoken language from them but never learnt to spell/write or speak fluently. I have now just started learning Dutch on Duolingo and I can understand what is being said and if I read the sentences out I can sort of understand but of course cant type .... it makes me laugh with delight that I can understand and learning is easy as I already have a background.

It is just amazing me how easy it is lol!!! I have really only heard my parents speak.

A small positive for the day!!!

December 26, 2014



That's a great beginning! I reckon you'll zip your way through. Spend a little bit of time each day.

All the best Janelle


I am ringing Mum and Dad to ask questions because some of the words mean a literal meaning to me like "tot zeins" is not goodbye but "till I see you", which I know is the same but this is what I remember from my childhood. Also "welteristen" (spelling?) to me this is not good night but "rest well" which of course again is the same thing but more of a literal meaning .... this is fun as it is testing all the words I remember as a child lol!!


yes it is so easy compared to Brazilian Portuguese lol!!!


Thanks for sharing. I am from New Zealand too. I'm learning Dutch so I can speak to my Dutch friend who moved to New Zealand at a young age but she is bi-lingual Dutch/English! So I get to ask her all my pesky questions :)

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