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  5. "Este é para nós."

"Este é para nós."

Translation:This one is for us.

December 26, 2014



How would you use this sentence in conversation? Would you say it while waiting for a bus or a train?


I'd more likely say "Este é o nosso" when referring to a bus/train, etc. "Este é para nós" could be a piece of paper, food or any other masculine object.


When do I use nos / nós?

  • nós = "we" or "us" (when used with a preposition like "get from us")
  • nos = "us" (when used without a preposition like "get us")
  • also: nos = em + os = "in the" or "on the" (masculine plural)


Thanks for the reply. Are my following thoughts / examples correct?

  • So, it is "nós" here, because of the preposition "para": "Este é para nós."
  • A possible example for "nos" (no preposition) could be: "Ele nos disse."
  • nos = em + us: "Eu pensa nos carros."


They are perfect! I just had to check about preterite - I've not reached it yet ;)

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