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"Ele recebeu o benefício por sete anos."

Translation:He received the benefit for seven years.

December 26, 2014



Would this mean welfare?


I’m quite perplex about the translation of “por” to “for” here. I have the feeling that the English sentence means that he received the benefit every years during seven years, and that the Portuguese sentence means that he received just now a benefice because he worked (let’s say) during seven years without getting money, or something like this.

I guess I’m mixing words here. What do you think about this?


I think you're right, that is exactly what it means. In British English the best translation would be "he was on benefits for 7 years".


The first thing I thought was "he received the benefit of seven years", meaning he benefitted from his seven years of service/experience, whatever. Then I caught myself and realized duo was talking about receiving benefits of some kind over the course of seven years.

Can my first assumption be correct in this context?

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