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frequent error: "a" versus "an" in English

I am new to this site. I love it! But there seem to be some systematic errors. One is that it doesn't know when to use "a" versus "an" in English. For example it claimed that I made a typo when I wrote "An assignment" and said that I should have written "A assignment". It should be trivial to fix this. "A" comes before a consonant and "An" comes before a vowel. I can't think of any exception to this rule.

July 20, 2013



You should have used 'an' before assignment. An assignment. An hour. An honest man.


Sorry, I explained it backwards. I do know how to use "a" and "an" in English. I am editing my initial comment to fix this.


The appropriate use of 'a' and 'an' is but one of a number of errors that crop up with some frequency. It's sort of annoying to provide an answer in good english and be corrected with something that's incorrect. I suppose the only thing we as a community can contribute is to report these errors so they can be corrected by duoLingo. Errors are easily reported on the web version of duoLingo -- more troublesome for iPad / iPhone users.

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