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Duolingo in English. How can I add Duolingo in German?

I am doing a couple of languages as a "From English" user. That is, when I do, say, a translation from Immersion, I translate a German article into English. Is there a way to become a "From German" user as well, without messing up my "From English" status? I think it would be useful to do the Owl the other way, that is, do the lessons as a German speaker learning English. I tried this once, and lost everything I had done before. Ideas?

December 26, 2014



It really shouldn't mess up your progress, as I've done it as a French, German, Dutch, Russian, and English user and never lost anything. You simply won't see your English stats when you're doing German lessons, and vice versa. So, to do it, click the little flag on the blue bar next to your profile pic, and select add a new language. Change the English box in the top right to German, and select the English course. Then click the switch to course button, and you should have it :)

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