"Det finns många länder."

Translation:There are many countries.

December 26, 2014

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Previously, I had just 'land" and I could translated as "land" or "country". Now, when there is plural, duolingo accepts only "countries", no "lands". Why?


There are several meanings of land. The one that means nation, state or country has the plural form länder.

The other meanings have unchanged plural.

  • land could mean land as in "land ahoy" (land ohoy)
  • land could mean (garden) plot
  • landet could also mean the countryside (that form wouldn't be used in indefinite form unless as part of a compound word.)


Isn't 'länd' an ett-word? Why is the plural form 'länder'?

So far I learned: 'ett barn, flera barn'. 'ett ägg, flera ägg'. 'ett brev, flera brev'.

But here it goes: 'ett länd, flera länder'?

Why is it so?


Is there a reason the a turns to ä in the plural form or is it just something you have to remember?


It is to remember I think, but it does not seem uncommon.

Man männen, for example


There aren't that many of them: here's a link to a list: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5886811

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