"En liten kaffe, tack!"

Translation:One small coffee, please!

December 26, 2014

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shouldn't it be litet since kaffe is a -ett word? "en" also sounds a bit strange to me but I thought it is refered as the number "one" right?


This is a case of an implicit word left out that controls the article. What really is being said is.

"En liten (kopp) kaffe, tack!"


Now it makes sense. Tack!


So helpful, tack så mycket!!


Kaffe can be either grammatical gender depending on what's meant. En kaffe means "a unit [cup] of coffee" whereas ett kaffe refers to the actual beverage itself or a certain type of it.


Tack så mycket


Why is "tack" also "thank you" and also "please"? When you want to ask for something you say thank you in advance. Wouldn't it be more polite first to ask? Sorry, I don't mean to say that Sweds wouldn't be polite, it just sounds strange to me.

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    It's pretty common in English too, especially when ordering something.

    "What would you like to order?"

    "I'll have two coffees, thanks."


    So in Swedish is it more common to use "tack" or "snälla"?


    So in Swedish is it more common to use "tack" or "snälla"?


    I know your question is super old, but thought I may as well pop my two cents in. Maybe it’ll help someone else.

    I believe “snälla” is more used to actively plead someone for something. A young child would use “snälla” to their parents if they really wanted a cookie they weren’t allowed to have.

    I’m pretty sure “tack” is way more common than “snälla”, and is used for everyday things like asking for a cup of coffee, for example.


    So when do I use lille? I mean I know that litet is for "ett" words (obviously), and now I discovered that liten is for en words? Snålla hjälpa mig!


    lilla/lille are the definite singular forms:
    den lille pojke
    den lilla flickan
    en liten pojke
    en liten flicka
    ett litet barn

    The plural form is "små".


    what would be “the little apple”?

    det …. äpplet


    As this is definite too, it would be "det lilla äpplet"


    I thought it said a liter

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