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  5. "I am not married."

"I am not married."

Translation:Ik ben niet getrouwd.

December 26, 2014



Why is "Ik ben getrouwd niet" not correct?


This is a sentence with two verbs: a conjugated verb and a participle.
The conjugation of the verb 'to be' is the conjugated verb in this case and 'getrouwd' is the participle.

Sentences like these take the following word order:
subject + conjugated verb + the rest of the sentence + participle

This means that the word order we're looking for here is: Ik (subject) ben (conjugated verb) niet (rest of the sentence) getrouwd (participle).

Alternatively, if the married part would be emphasized, the following word order would be okay too: "Getrouwd ben ik niet." = "Married I am not."

More on Dutch word order can be found here. :)


Thank you for the clarification, Lavinae! :)


Sometimes learning Dutch feels a lot like algebra. I feel like there should be a PEMDAS type of rule I could just memorize...

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