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"Min pappa läser tysk litteratur."

Translation:My father reads German literature.

December 26, 2014



Din pappa har god smak! :)

[deactivated user]

    I failed this exercise because I made a typo. Not sure if course creators can control this or not, but the typo was 'literattur' vs the correct 'litteratur'. Usually little one-letter typos don't cause you to fail the whole exercise :(


    That's true, but you actually made two typos from the system's point of view - first you missed a t, and then you put an extra t later on. So that causes it to fail. I mean, it's obvious what you meant to a human, but it's hard for a machine to spot things like that. And as you guessed, we can't affect it really.

    [deactivated user]

      Oh dang! That's really counterintuitive (at least to my organic brain, lol). Thanks for explaining!


      The system generally allows for a Levenshtein distance of 1 - that is, you're allowed to remove or add one letter, or move one letter one step to the left or the right. As long as it doesn't turn into another word, that is. :)

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