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Does the Portuguese course not have pronunciation exercises?

[deactivated user]

    I've completed a couple of lessons and I've yet to come across any pronunciation exercises. Could this possibly be a bug or is it just that speech input hasn't been implemented for Portuguese? My microphone is turned on in the settings and speech input is working fine in the Spanish course.

    November 1, 2012



    it would be great to have some pronounciation exercises. Actually some phrases are repeated 2 or three times followed and i think the goal is to transform it in pronunciation tag, isn't it?


    It's because portuguese is in a Beta Version... I think little by little they'll improve it as they're doing in the English Beta version (here in Brazil)... Maybe it will occur. Regarding to the portuguese pronunciation, it's more difficult than Spanish and has lots of rules and exceptions, which makes this language a little bit more difficult to learn than Spanish, but no more diffcult than German :) I think...

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