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  5. "The girl has an egg."

"The girl has an egg."

Translation:Flickan har ett ägg.

December 26, 2014



Is there any way if telling if a word is an 'en' or 'ett' word? Because sometimes I get confused... is it like in spanish with masculine and feminine?


I'm sorry, there's not really a set rule for en/ett. Not even a proper clue like in english where first letter of the word being a vowel or not is an indicator. This is something you generally have to develop a feel for as time goes on.


There’s not really a rule, but living things are most often en.


Egg is also living thing in a way lol


It’s just a rule of thumb and there are plenty of more living things than egg that are ett like barn (child), svin (swine), får (sheep), lejon (lion) etc.


Pfff it's confusing en or ett

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