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Email notifications have disappeared

I haven't received any email notifications for 2 days now, but I can see from my notifications button that I should have got at least a couple of emails.

I checked my spam folder in case my email program had suddenly decided that duolingo email is spam, but there's nothing there.

Has something changed?

December 26, 2014




I'm guessing you've already tried all of my suggestions, but, just in case, I thought I'd put them out there. Have you tried clearing your cache, signing back in, adjusting your settings, saving, then coming back and resetting them to match your preferences again and then saving?

Also, since I'm still receiving notifications (Windows 7/Chrome), I wonder if it might be something specific to the operating system and browser you're using? It might help tech support if you listed those.

Sadly, as I'm not tech support, those are the only ideas I have. But, I hope they help!


I didn't think of clearing my cache or doing anything related to the computer or browsers, since it's related to Duolingo sending me emails.

I'll try changing the setting to not receive emails and then changing it back.

I'm using Windows 7 and both Chrome and Firefox. Nothing at all changed for the computer or browsers between when I was receiving emails and not receiving them.


I haven't received any email notifications for 8 months. Were you ever able to fix this? I still get an automatic response after reporting a bug, but i don't get notified when someone comments on a discussion that I'm following.


I switched my duolingo account to use my gmail account, and I immediately started getting the notifications. I have gmail forwarding them to my hotmail account, so I had forgotten about this problem. Maybe it's a hotmail issue.

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