"Här kommer alla känslorna på en och samma gång."

Translation:Here come all the emotions all at once.

December 26, 2014

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I was waiting for that one...love the song

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It is also quite common in English to use the expression at one and the same time to emphasize the simultaneity, but it doesn't seem to be accepted as a correct answer in DL.


Yes, I put "here come all the emotions at one and the same time" and duo told me to I should say: Here come all the emotions at the same time. It seems the same to me.


I have added this now, plus about half a dozen other perfectly fine translations. :)


Here are coming all the feelings at the same time. Is this also an acceptable translation?


Yes, "one and the same time" is a perfectly acceptable English expression and seems to mirror the Swedish exactly, so I don't see why it shouldn't be accepted.


That seems like a closer match to the Swedish statement.


Do you think "feelings" could be used in place of "emotions" in the English translation?


Sure, we accept that, too - and "sentiments" as well. :)


Thanks for accepting feelings. Due to the kän part, which we've seen in känner and känns, it seemed like something including feel should work here.


I thought when action is involved, hit should be used instead of här. Or is it so that här here is used as an subject, similar to det?


Yes, I think the comparison with det is very good. This sentence does not mean that the feelings are 'coming here' as in 'coming to me' in a directional sense. One could just as well have said Nu kommer alla känslorna. ('now' could have fulfilled much the same function).


If I recall correctly, på samma gång means at the same time (thus, all at once). So what role does the en och play here?


It's a bit of an expression, much like English could say "one and the same" in some situations to emphasis the sameness.


'Eleverna kom på en och samma gång' is this a correct use of the phrase?


Yes, but this en och samma puts a strong emphasis on it being simultaneous, so you'd usually just say Eleverna kom på samma gång. Or even better, Eleverna kom samtidigt.


Any reason why "Here come all the feelings all at one time" should be not be accepted?


No, that seems reasonable.


Here come all the feelings at the same time was rejected. :-(


Couldn't I leave out one of the alls? Wouldn't it sound better that way?


First, it is "alla" but perhaps that was just a typo. The best I can think is that "känslorna" by itself means "the feelings" or "the emotions". The sentence without "alla" would then translate as "here come the feelings all at once".

This implies a certain subset of feelings (e.g., maybe just anger and happiness), whereas the "alla" makes clear that the whole range of emotions are coming.


Per Gessle's fans have been detected... Love this song so much


Great, now i can can have an emotional breakdown in svenska


It sounds so funny for Russian speaker. Samma gång sounds like [samagon] and that is hand made vodka


Ok so why is the english translation dubling the all? All emotions all at the same time - would it not be enough and closer to the Swedish to say "all emotuins at the same time?

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