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  5. "Våga vara den du är!"

"Våga vara den du är!"

Translation:Dare to be the one you are!

December 26, 2014



This really confused me!


A more idiomatic English translation would be Dare to be who you are. But that would be hopeless to translate back into Swedish again.


Yeah, this sounded a bit weird.


i worked this one out to mean "dare to be yourself" but apparently thats wrong. Strange considering "dare to be who you're" is accepted despite being something no native English speaker would ever say. EVER


It does mean more or less the same as dare to be yourself, but that would be said as Våga vara dig själv in Swedish.

We add everything without contractions and then Duo generates the contractions automatically. Unfortunately, the machine sometimes goes wrong.


Dare to be who you are is fine but is more like a makeup advert slogan


Aye i know about the auto contractions now, i didn't then. Apologies for letting my frustrations show, and thanks for the correct translation of "dare to be yourself"


We're a bit frustrated about the contractions too, especially when it's like here and we can't do anything about it.


Be who you want to be, be who you are Everyone's a hero, everyone's a star :)


What does this even mean?


"dare to be the one you are" feels really awkward in english, since "the one" does not automatically refer back to self. I am left thinking, the one what? Given the options, I tried translating it as "dare to be you" but I know that's not a direct translation... Hm


Dare to be who you are is the correct translation and should be the only accepted one as far as I know.


Is this Yoda speaking ?!


This isn't English...


As one of the mods describes somewhere in this thread, "dare to be who you are" is probably more idiomatic but they have to pick a default translation that gives you a chance of getting back to the Swedish they're looking for.


"Dare to be who you're." is noted as an acceptable translation but it is absolutely not correct English.


We add everything without contractions and then Duo generates the contractions automatically. Unfortunately, the machine sometimes goes wrong.


Yoda grammatic ?


Can I say "våga vara den som du är"?


When first translating from one language to another one first gets a rough translation of the words and meaning then puts the rough into proper form in the new language. It is not always going to be possible in this computerized course to put the proper English translation in and still be able to back translate it to Swedish because not only would it be hard for beginners to get the proper sentence structure but the number of correct answers would be such a large amount that it would take forever to put in all the correct versions. A human teacher could give credit for different correct responses, of course but for now leaving some of the answers in rough form will have to do.


Arnauti Are you saying the Swedish translation is not an accurate translation of the idiomatic English phrase?


I'm saying I think Dare to be who you are sounds more idiomatic in English than Dare to be the one you are. (the problem is that we don't use vem as a relative pronoun in Swedish).


Really? So vem du är doesn't work here?


Nope, that's actually ungrammatical.


I agree, but shouldn't that be the default translation then?


This conversation is starting to feel recursive.


Sorry, I didn't see any other specifically related questions. I'll shut up if you like.


My top comment on this page gave my answer to that question, I figured that was the comment you answered in the first place? Kind of hard to figure what comment you were answering since you posted on the top level.


Yes that was the one. You want to translate an idiomatic sentence in one language to the closest idiomatic translation in the other language correct? Den du är does't translate to who you are word for word but it doesn't need to to be correct. It conveys the same meaning right? That's all I was trying to say.


The "correct answer" came up as "Dare to be who you're!", which is patently wrong. The one here is better, though I would say "Dare to be yourself".


You used the wrong word. Dare be the 1 you are! - skriv mig Duolingo

Är det rätt???


This sentence seems weird in English. I think it should be "Dare to be who you are" - and I don't see any difficulty in translating it back into swedish, there are other examples that are unclearer - or, even better, "dare to be you".


Now that's a confusing sentence


What about, " Dare to be you"? Could that work?


How is den the one ? I thought den is the and one is ett or en . Once again by the the power of what the f den is the one


I chose to use the equivalent expression in English : dare to be yourself but Duo did not like it. Nobody I know will use Duo verbatim translation!


Why is this sentence in "Feelings"? I have just learned the past tense and the infinitive, but not yet the imperative. I managed to figure out the meaning, but this sentence is too early in the tree.


This is so weird!


Why can’t I have ‘Dare to be yourself’ - the meaning is precisely the same?


Arnauti explained somewhere above that the meaning is about the same but that it would be said as våga vara dig själv in Swedish.


I'm confused. Is "dare to be yourself" accepted or not? I'd agree that it is probably the most idiomatic translation to English, but it was marked incorrect, which seems to differ from some of the comments in this thread...


This makes little sense in English


It's equivalent to "Dare to be yourself", but the idiom doesn't translate well.

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