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  5. "Her faith in us is strong."

"Her faith in us is strong."

Translation:Haar geloof in ons is sterk.

December 26, 2014



in English, faith can also mean trust. So could you translate this as "haar trouw in ons....."


Unfortunately, you can't.
When we're talking about someone being 'trouw' to someone, it is about being loyal.
She may be loyal to you but that is not the same as her having faith in you. :)

Here are some examples with sentences that contain 'trouw zijn', by the way:

  1. Ik ben trouw aan het vaderland. - I am loyal to the fatherland.
  2. Ik blijf je altijd trouw - I will always be loyal to you.


You can use "vertrouwen", which is trust (this is marked as correct)


If I say "Haar geloof in god is sterk", does it mean that she believes in the existence of God? Or similar to this sentence, that she has faith in the goodness of God?


Why doesn't "is sterk" come before "in ons." Should the verb be in the 2nd position?

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