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  5. "Is this area safe at night?"

"Is this area safe at night?"

Translation:Is deze buurt 's nachts veilig?

December 26, 2014



I am confused,the words 'dit, die, dat, deze' appear to change their meanings dependent upon the sentance. Thus I make too many mistakes without knowing why. Please can someone explain. Thank you


Hi there!

In English, it depends on whether a noun is singular or plural. In Dutch, it depends on the gender of the noun. If a noun is a de woord, you use "deze" (close) or "die" (far), and if a noun is a het woord you use "dit" (close) or "dat" (far):

  • De jongen - deze jongen - die jongen // the boy - this boy - that boy
  • De jongens - deze jongens - die jongens // the boy - these boys - those boys
  • Het meisje - dit meisje - dat meisje // the girl - this girl - that girl
  • De meisjes - deze meisjes - die meisjes // the girls - these girls - those girls


Thank you for this explanation. Why is this explanation not in the "tips"?


Thank you!! I was looking for this explanation <3


can't "gebied" be translated as 'area'?


Is deze buurt veilig tijdens nacht.

Is that an incorrect translation?


Yeap, it's wrong, sorry. But I think you could say tijdens de nacht.

According to my partner (native speaker) it is possible to place veilig both before and after tijdens de nacht/'s nachts. But according to the rules I've studied, 'time' needs to come first/before predicative adjectives.


What is the purpose of the 's in this sentence?


It's a remnant from when Dutch still had the case system: 'des nachts'. It means 'in the night'. :)



I filed a report saying that I thought my answer should have been accepted, and that according to my partner my answer was correct as well, but I had only mentioned word order, not the demonstrative I had used.

The problem is that I had made a mistake with the demonstrative, which I hadn't mentioned to my partner. Is there any way in which I could 'un-report' it?

I filed a second report saying the following: 'sorry, I didn't see I had used the wrong demonstrative, I thought the correction had to do with word order. Please disregard my previous report!'

Sorry, again!


'gebied' is correct ... worst side ever .. too many good answers are turned down .. very sloppy and highly annoying


Are you absolutely certain you didn't make any other mistakes? gebied is accepted, according to one of the mods (she/he says so above, it's one of the first comments).

I assume there must have been another mistake, for instance, it's possible you used deze instead of dit (remember that gebied is a 'het' word, so: het gebied).



What is the function of the 's here after buurt? It isn't possessive. Maybe an old genitive form?


'gebied' is correct .. worst side ever .. too many good answers are turned down .. very sloppy and highly annoying


didn't "Zowel" mean "both"?

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