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  5. "Det er et lokalt brød."

"Det er et lokalt brød."

Translation:It is a local bread.

December 26, 2014



You could say it was 'born and RAISED here' HAHAHAHAHA. No, just me? Ok, i'll go now...


Though it wasn't very funny it has a sense in some way. It could be the bread which you can get exclusively in that town/ village. And a recipy is a family secret. :-) So it IS "born and raised" there.


Just to make a point: you remember things easier when they are weird. bare til lave et punkt, du husk tinge lettere nar de er underlige.


why it is lokalt and not lokal?


The adjective has to agree with the noun in gender/number. Et brød is neuter, singular, and indefinite, so the adjective has to have the t and the end.


It is a local bread for local people. ;)

[deactivated user]

    In English you'd say it is local bread, I can't think of a context were the a article is necessary.


    If is a specific type of bread:

    "It's a typical focaccia bread"


    I guess that in this sentence "Det" could be both translated as "it" or "that", right?


    We know this is made from rye. It's Denmark!

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