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Streak broken but did meet daily goal

Team - my activity for yesterday does not seem to have been captured to keep my streak active. I have gone to my words section and I can confirm I did complete activity yesterday. Is there a way to restore my streak? Also I had a lingot wager and that was lost as well. Can that be restored also?

December 27, 2014



What is your coach set to? You had 10 points yesterday. I am assuming that the lingot wager was reset because you had no activity on wednesday.


Thanks for the response. I have always had my coach set to 10 XP per day. I rechecked my settings and it is still at 10.


Did you strengthen your skills or did you study something new? I think the xps one gets from refreshing already passed (parts of) skills do not count in daily goal or lingot wager. Only the xps got from immersion and new skills keep the streak and fill the goal.


I typically do a mix of both. I have confirmed both do register XPS and update the streak count. I am pretty sure I found the issue tied to the Windows Phone version of Duolingo. It was caching my activity based on the last time I completed an activity on the phone. Early in the day I completed the activity via a PC to meet my coaching goal. Later in the day, I started a session on my phone and never completed it. The phone synced a status of incomplete and overwrote my completion from earlier in the day. I have an email into support but have not heard back from them yet. Also saw an update to the Windows Phone version of Duolingo yesterday and have not checked to see if I can reproduce the issue after the update.

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