"De är på samma sida."

Translation:They are on the same side.

December 27, 2014

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Does this just mean literally on the same page like a textbook or can it also mean that they are thinking the same thing and understand each other?


Not only the same page but also "in the same team" or "on the same side of a conflict". That does not necessitate that they think exactly the same thing.

It could also be literally on the same side of a river.


So, for paintball/laser-tag: "Skjut inte! Vi är på samma sida!"?


på den samma sidan does not work, is it wrong or just awkward?


It's actually not grammatical to put a definite after samma, at least I can't think of an exception.


Det är intressant. So "Come to the opposite side" becomes "Kom till motsatt sida". But something like "Come to the dark side" becomes "Kom till den mörka sidan". Is there a sort of list of adjectives that only precede an indefinite such as samma and motsatt? Much appreciated.

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