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  5. "Herinner je je mij nog?"

"Herinner je je mij nog?"

Translation:Do you still remember me?

December 27, 2014



Why is there no 't'?


When je/jij comes after the verb, the verb takes the ik form (so usually the t is dropped, but not always, see eten):

  • ik herinner me
  • jij herinnert je
  • herinner jij je?
  • ik loop
  • jij/je loopt
  • loop jij/je?
  • ik eet
  • jij eet
  • eet jij?

This is only the case with jij/je, not with u:

  • herinnert u zich?
  • loopt u?


Why is it- je je?


one is for the subject, the other is reflexive in french we would also use a reflexive form : te souviens tu (de moi) ? it is as if you said : do you still remember yourself of me ?

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