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  5. What happens when you peek?


What happens when you peek?

Does it increase the decay rate for that word?

July 20, 2013



When you peek, you send a signal to our system letting it know that you didn't know this word very well. The system then updates it's belief about how well you know it and will try to repeat it more often for you.


Thank you for the reply! I didn't like to peek, but knowing this, I will know it's only helping me in the long run.


I have another question. If you don't look at the meaning for a new word because you already know it and you get the answer right, does that send a signal to Duolingo to let them know that you know the word well so it doesn't need to be practiced, or does it not do anything?


And if we peek after getting the sentence correct (I often do this to remind myself of alternate translations)?


Did you ever get an answer on this? I sometimes guess correctly, but peek afterward in an attempt to downgrade my ranking of that word.


Nah, can't say I did.


You must have been a senior enlisted member in someone's army or a comedian. Those are the two groups who answer or questions in the affirmative or negative.


you are really kind luis


Thanks! That's really helpful, and I'm glad to know that. :) Sometimes I peek at words I know for no particular reason, but I certainly won't do that, now that I know it sends a signal!


knowing your work i thought so, but very often i leave the mouse cursor where it was and automatically peek a word in the next round causing false positives i guess :-/ maybe you could check for mouse cursor movement to exclude "accidental peeks" (very simple in javascript)?


It already does that for me. If I don't move the mouse it doesn't peek. If I move it away quickly it doesn't peek, too.


hmm, weird, just recently noticed this again, maybe lower the sensitivity or click to peek?


My laptop auto-peeks a lot. When I'm on the desktop computer this hardly ever happens to me, on the laptop it happens all the time. Probably user error in my case …


I never got false peeks on my laptop, but then I used my friends mac and got a heap of them. I think it may be browser-specific.


After your reply i payed more attention to this and yes it seems to happen on the mac while typing (even though it automatically deactivates the mouse while typing).


Is this why sometimes it'll make me do one word over and over again (ex - once it made me do "trabajo" in like 12 exercises in a row)?


that's a great idea!


thank you :)


So why wouldn't you give it to us


Half the time I peek, it's for spelling. :p


I've wondered about that also. I haven't noticed anything, so I think it's just there to be cute?


The reason I often peek is so I can check the conjugation. I take a photo of the chart for future reference. That way I don't have to jump around to a verb dictionary/conjugation reference. I guess that means I don't know present and past tense that well.


I had no idea that this happened. I am really glad it does and I am really impressed with all of the work that is put into this program undercover (:


Thanks I had no idea... : )


I Had No Idea Peeking Did That 0.0


How else does the system rate "weak" words? See I purposely don't peek to force myself to think about the word and just find out through trying and then getting it wrong or right and seeing the right answer either way. I figured the system would recognize the words I do know as "strong" and the words I get wrong as "weak."

Question : I am strong Answer: Je suis strongie

Strong: Je, Suis Weak: Fort

If not I'll peak more often even if I know the word, because I know I need practice on that word.


We also look at what you get right and wrong.


I just want to throw it out there, that I think peeking is not encouraged. I believe the system is set up and is intended for all the lessons to be done over and over a few times, because I often see new words introduce in the second or third time around on top of seeing the same word used in different ways. I just don't want people thinking you can peek your way through the lessons, comforted by the knowledge that all peeked words will just be used more in the future because you peeked. Your not going to get much practice or a chance for words to come back again if your going through every lesson in one shot.


Yep, agreed. I only peek if its a new word I learned and just forgot it in the same lesson or maybe the lesson after it? And otherwise I'll just fail the question.. (Trying to remember and then putting something there lol)


I don't usually peak unless I don't know the word at all. Other than that I usually think about it long and hard and usually get it right. Then, when I finish a lesson, I go to the vocab of that section and practice a few times to make sure that I have learned everything and that I am ready to move on to the next lesson.


Uh.....why wouldn't you give the answer?

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