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"Tosóidh cúrsa eile tar éis an chúrsa seo."

Translation:I will start another course after this course.

December 27, 2014


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Is anybody else hearing the voice saying: "Tosóidh mé AN cúrsa eile..."?


I also hear the AN


Yes and it fooled me


YES. It fooled me into thinking cúrsa was masculine and the second cúrsa in the sentence should not be lenited.


cúrsa is masculine - an chúrsa is lenited because it is in the genetive after tar éis.


But the first 'cúrsa' sounds like she says 'an' before it, not any question about the second 'an chúrsa'.


and the second cúrsa in the sentence should not be lenited.

The speaker misread the script, and she says an cúrsa (masculine, nominative, therefore no lenition after an) in the first place and an chúrsa (masculine, genitive, therefore lenition after an) in the second place.


So why did you make your first statement when you contradict it in your explanation?

"and the second cúrsa in the sentence should not be lenited." Your statement, not mine.


Please read the thread from the start.

Lines that start with a grey bar are quotes. I was quoting SeanMeaneyPL.


Therefore is the correct translation of what she said 'I will start the other course ...'


Yes - although to clarify, that's not an accepted answer, as the audio is an error and they're looking for the translation of the written text.


Hey! I understood every word of that!


Léigh tú m'intinn! Ach beidh mé ag caoineadh mar is aoibhinn liom an cúrsa seo :(


cúrsa is male according to the two dictionaries I checked. Why is it lenited?
Also what is the sound that sounds very much like "an" before the first cúrsa?


Tar éis (and other réamhfhocail chomhshuite) cause the following noun to be in the genitive - an chúrsa is the genitive of an cúrsa.

The sound that sounds very much like an is an - the speaker misread her script.


Go raibh maith agat. Those were my suspiciona :) good to have it confirmed.


Not-overly-subliminal ploy by Duolingo. "I will start another course after this course. I will upgrade to Plus. I will start another course after that course."

; )


So this verb works the same way as "start" in English, e.g. "Tosóidh mé cúrsa eile" = "I will start another course", and "Tosóidh cúrsa eile" = "Another course will start"?


I also heard an beforeboth cursa on both


That's hardly surprising, as the previous comments make it clear that the speaker is saying Tosóidh mé an cúrsa eile tar éis an chúrsa seo, with two definite articles.

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