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Changing time zones

I have been on Duolingo for more than a year. We are in the UK for the next week but then are moving to Florence, Italy till the middle of December next year. We are originally from Australia and so if I don't do Duo early in the morning I will lose my streak-I have avoided this by getting streak freezes. I find that trying to keep my streak keeps me motivated. Is there some way to change my time zone to that of Europe?

December 27, 2014



I have the same problem: I started my Duolingo "studies" while on a trip, and now my Duolingo "midnight" is at 2PM local time. This seriously interferes with my ability to maintain my streaks...

Please look into addressing this!


This seriously interferes with my ability to maintain my streaks...

No it doesn't, Duo does not care when you practice so long as your earn your target XPs in each 24 hour period. All you have to do is to make sure you do this before 2pm local time each day. If you cannot study before 2pm then study after 2pm, you may need to buy a streak freeze for the first day but after that you could study anytime after 2pm and as long as you do that you will have no trouble maintaining your streak.


No it doesn't.

Really? You believe you have a better handle on this than someone who actually had to put up with this limitation for a few months now? I agree I might have provided more information, but it's presumptuous of anyone to make this statement without even taking a few minutes to consider the situation...

This limitation has the most impact at the confluence of weekends or vacation days and regular workdays: during the week I prefer to perform the Duolingo work in the evening, when I return from work... During my time off (weekends or vacation days) I prefer to do this in the mornings, so I can stay out late. This limitation makes it hard for me to maintain the streaks across weekends...


I am sorry you feel offended by my suggestion. It was made without any intention to annoy you, but based on my personal belief that Duo does not change time zones.

If I am correct then I believe the only option open to you is to change your own study patterns or to keep buying streak freezes to cover you over the weekends.

Of course, I could be wrong in this belief and I wish you luck in your endeavours to get your time zone changed. Perhaps one of the moderators can offer you more hope.


I apologize for the tone of my reply, as well.

I was hoping that the product group was actually monitoring these forums, is that not the case? Is there a better avenue for these types of requests?

BTW, Looking through the threads I see there's at least one other similar thread where quite a few people are asking for the same feature...


There is one staff member who I know is able to help restore lingots and streaks if there has been a glitch but I'm not sure if that extends to changing time zones. Unfortunately I have forgotten her name. I'll have a quick look and get back to you, or maybe a moderator will come to our rescue :-)

Edit: the name I was looking for is ChristineMC and you should be able to contactact her on her own stream. Oops, that should have been "bchan" who may be able to help.

There is also a link here to a thread which might be relevant.


You really only need to practice for one morning (presumably you mean before midnight Australian time) and then again after midnight Australian time which I presume would be midmorning in the UK then you have can practice daily at any time during the next 20 hour period. Sorry to be so vague. What I am trying to say is if you keep Australian time on your smart phone, you can practice anytime between micnight aussie time and midnight the next day, Aussie time.


Thanks for your reply, but I don't have a smart phone, I do duolingo on a laptop. I am also not keeping to Australian time, especially for a year! The time I have available to practice is in the afternoons european time, by which time I have lost my streak. So, is there any way my time zone can be changed?


I have the opposite problem. I was just in India for three weeks, and my time zone changed (on its own) to Indian Standard Time. Now I don't know how to get it back to CET. Perhaps it will do so automatically at some point, but it hasn't yet.

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