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"The things had gone from bad to worse."

Translation:Tingene var gået fra dårlige til værre.

December 27, 2014



Not a sentence that's used much in danish; consider using "Tingene havde taget en forkert drejning" instead (lit: things had taken a wrong turn) or "det gik fra asken til ilden" (lit: it went from the ashes to the fire).


This is not idiomatic, the usual phrase is 'fra galt til værre' (even though these are adverbs, not adjectives). Reported. The whole thing is a bit stilted (in both languages), in Danish you talk about how things 'look' or how the situation 'is,' so my native sense of correct is stymied.


Would "var blivet" be acceptable?


Not really fair if you translate 'had gone' to 'har taget' when i hoover over with the mouse but then dont accept that answer


I thought "var" was closer to "was"? Wouldn't "havde" work?


That's a tricky thing in Danish, when something changes state you will often find the perfect constructed with 'er/var' instead of 'har/havde'.

'Han er gået en tur' means 'he has gone for a walk' but focuses on the fact that he was home (or wherever) recently, but has gone out -- while 'han har gået en tur' would be the same in English, but after the walk is over, maybe to explain why he is tired.


Story of 2020 so far...

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