"Alla tackade oss."

Translation:Everybody thanked us.

December 27, 2014

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Is this another one of those situations when the "de" at the end of the past tense verb isn`t pronounced? Is that true of ALL past tense verbs, or only certain ones, like "sade"? Or is it just that the "de" from the verb ending runs into the "oss" of next word, so it sounds like one syllable?


For many past tense verbs that end in -ade the -de is (optionally) not pronounced (and in a few cases like sade and to some extent lade it's actually accepted to skip the -de in writing as well.)

hade does not have the last -de dropped. I can't think of any other right now.


It’s because in ”ha”, the a is part of the stem, whereas it’s considered the infinitive ending in e.g. tacka. You can tell because in ha it’s a long vowel as well. I think you can always drop the -de in -ade-endings.


I'm hearing "alla tackade oss" as "alla tackad'oss". Am I correct?


I hear the same and I wonder if it's a question of "liaison" like in French where the e is not pronounced...


Why isn't "all thanked us" accepted?


Not very idiomatic.


still something that i would argue is said in english. i'm a native english speaker from america, and "all thanked us" was my first guess


That's true, but it's not a 1:1 relationship between the two. Alla corresponds much more to how you'd use everybody/everyone in English. That said, I'm adding "all thanked us" as a translation now. It's not far off enough to not be accepted. :)


It didn't work for me...


Same here. I'm a native English speaker and I've used 'all' to refer to 'everybody' before. It should be accepted. But for some reason it wasn't.


Same here, that was my first instinctive translation of this.


This should be accepted.


Why no "Everyone"?


still not accepted, despite all the comments here: ALL thanked us


Interesting to see here "Everybody thanked us..." But on other place in same lecture you get wrong for writing "He thanked his..", instead forced to write "He said thanks..."

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