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In a person's posting "signature" with username and flags, it'd be nice to be able to mouse-hover over the flags and get a tooltip with which language that's supposed to represent...I assume they're not all fully obvious to every single user (who uses the Web version on a machine with a mouse).

December 27, 2014


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This would become really useful when we get to languages that aren't national languages (I know we already have Esperanto). No matter how well you know your flags, it's unlikely you know the flags of each Indian tribe and Indian state and the 800 languages of Papua New Guinea and dead languages and con-langs and…

December 27, 2014

That'd be great. I know most of the flags by now, but there's a couple that I always get wrong.

In fact, I've considered making a userscript to do the same thing. In theory, it would be possible (the class name of the element tells the country code), but my attempts to write scripts like that have proven futile in the past.
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The country code also isn't quite the same as the name of the language, though there is a mapping. For example, the flag might be US but the language is "English."

Right, of course. But it would be fairly easy in the code to create a mapping of country codes to language names and look up the corresponding "proper" name to display on hover. (It's harder to display the language name using the language the user is viewing the site in, but that's possible too. I've seen it done in another script.)
<h1>I don't use my mouse to hover over flags... I use my mice to carry them.</h1>

Also three slayers (or growers- depending on perspective!) should have a gold ring or something cool! ¿Estais de acuerdo?

Oh yes, that's a great idea. Kind of like this...?

P.S. By the way, you forgot the 'á' in 'estáis' . And it's TREE slayers, not THREE slayers. Just a small correction!

I would know the flags, and most people probably would but not everyone. No reason why they shouldn't implement this, so yes, all for it!

I like this idea! I also think the comments should use the same badges as immersion (with one flag in front of the other) so that you know, for instance, that someone is learning French from English and also doing Portugese from Spanish without having to ask them.

I also want to know the native language of the people along with the languages they study. Is there an easy way to tell?

Unfortunately, there isn't unless people post it in their profile.

Absolutely. Can't believe this hasn't been implemented long ago.

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