"At least the staff speak English."

Translation:Personalen talar åtminstone engelska.

December 27, 2014



"Åtminstone talar personalen engelska" also correct.

December 27, 2014


Yes, that is also an accepted translation.

December 28, 2014


"Åtminstonde personalen talar engelska" shoud also be accepted, which is even closer to the original.

September 23, 2018

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I think the verb has to come second. "Like German, Swedish utilizes verb-second word order in main clauses, for instance after adverbs, adverbial phrases, and dependent clauses. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_grammar

December 20, 2018


very basic question but i still don't know the difference - when i used "pratar" instead of "talar", it was marked wrong. Why?

May 23, 2018


prata = speak, as in saying words to communicate; tala = speak, as in being able to speak

in context, the staff may speak english, but they are not speaking it to you right now.

September 23, 2018


How about "åtminstone pratar personalen engelska"?

October 7, 2015


why is pratar here wrong?

July 13, 2018


Why : åtminstone pratar personalen engelska? in not correct

August 9, 2018


How would you say in Swedish "The staff speaks at least English"?

August 10, 2018


Why cannot we use here "pratar"?

August 14, 2018


Can you clarify why talar is acceptable here but not pratar?

August 15, 2018


Normally it always is ok if I use pratar instead of talar (by my experience it is more common)... but not this time. This time it has to be talar and I don't know why. I also don't understand why it shows me all options for speak (or other words) if just one is really correct in the sentence. Wouldn't it be less confusing for the learners if only the correct one is shown or if only the correct one would be written fat? As a recommendation to use this "fat" word instead of the others.
Maybe it just confuses me.

August 21, 2018


Would "the staff" be treated as singular in this case? Is there a plural like personalarna or something?

April 21, 2015


In Swedish, personal is an uncountable en-noun.

However, if there is a need to speak about exactly one individual staff member, en personal can be used. If used like this, the plural is the same; två personal. This usage of the word might be common in staff managemant work, but very uncommon outside of that world.

April 21, 2015


iallafall ska ju gå! Det är ett slang för åtminsone och de brukar låta slang vara ok!

February 19, 2016


Why personalen talar engelska åtminstone is not correct ?

July 15, 2018
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