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LOVE the new Leaderboard

I think the new leaderboard rocks. I like how we can compare how much we have earned each week, month, and all time to our friends. Right now I'm in a competition with several of my friends to see who can earn the most points that week. Not only is it fun to have that addition, it has actually made me practice more to try to beat my friends. (I'm rather competitive!) ;) So BIG thumbs up! Duolingo rocks!!!!! How much do you love DL? C'mon! Let's give it a cheer! Duolingo! Duolingo! DUOLINGO!!!!!!! :D

July 20, 2013



This must be in test mode on some fraction of accounts right now, as I don't have it.


Yes, I believe only 50% of the users have it. My sisters don't have it either, but I would love for Duolingo to officially put it in everybody's accounts.


Sounds fun. Sucks not having friends that use Duolingo.


i have it and i agree that it's a great idea!


This is a great idea, now my friends can actually catch me xD


EXCELENT of course DUOLINGO ROCKS ¡¡ i love this site so much as u do cus as i am a polyglot i handle around 8 languages but still shaping some of them as german, french, italian, etc, DUOLINGO HAD helpes me so much, and the fact that we can be compettive at the same time that we are learning is amazing, would like to have some of u guys in my friends list so we can compare our stuff :) looking foward to hear from u soon guys and never doubt in contacting me :)


Sounds really nice. At the moment I don't have the new leaderboard, but hey, currently I don't have active friends that use Duolingo.. But maybe some of you guys can add me, this would be great! :)


I'm on a similar situation as yours. I added you! :D


perfect i added u :)


Indeed, great feature! It's kind of funny, I think earning points vis a vis my one other friend doing this may be more motivating than actually learning the language, at least on a day to day basis. Although, our rivalry has become less intense lately, and I think it would be helpful to me to have a few more competitors. If anyone else wants to have another person to compare points with and try to beat, feel free to add me:).

Also, I was thinking, it might be fun to have a race with a bunch of people tackling a language they haven't work on at all yet, see who can finish the tree first. If we could get at least 5-10, that could make for a pretty exciting contest.

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