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"What would you do if you were stronger?"

Translation:Wat zou je doen als je sterker was?

December 27, 2014



I had it as a translation sentence and it still didn't accept jij.


I used je in the last part because it referred to the je in the first part. Again having the Bløf song in my head - wat zou je doen


Didn't accept "jij". Reported.


This could indeed be a mistake, or possibly you had a type what you hear exercise. In that case you should type the word that is pronounced by the voice, so then you cannot replace je by jij.


Fair enough; but he does say it so fast, that the distinction between jij and je would be VERY difficult to catch for many first time learners.


"zouden jullie" is not accepted either for a translation text


Wat zou jij doen, als jij sterker was? Will someone please explain to me why it HAS to be je, and can't be "jij"?


It can be jij for the first one. Since jij is stressed you point out the person with the first part of the sentence, then subsequently it's unnecessary and unnatural to also point the person out in the second part of the sentence. So grammatically it may not be wrong, but it sounds odd when you stress the person twice.

For audio exercises, the voice says je hence only je is accepted.


Ok, I think I got what you said... does this mean in speaking the Dutch would even leave out the "je" and simply say something like: Wat zou jij doen, als sterker was?" ... I'm only trying to clear up a little fog here. In English we would say, "What would you do if you were stronger". Is there something about the use of je that makes it less of a you than jij does? Is it a thing about "case"? I'm not trying to be a smart aleck, I'd really like to clear up the confusion. Bedankt in advance!


Here is the explanation. Great.


Why is "Wat zou u doen als u sterker zou zijn" wrong?

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