"Voglio tirare questo attrezzo dalla finestra."

Translation:I want to throw this tool out the window.

July 20, 2013

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How do you throw AT the window? ALLA ?


Would 'from the window' be appropriate as a direct translation here? What about 'through the window'?

edit: 'from' is accepted.


Makes sense. I am imagining someone on the ground below looking up at a window and seeing someone throw a hammer FROM the window.


I tried "through" and got marked wrong


I dont think 'through' works in this case. It implies that the window is closed and you're throwing it through the glass and breaking it. But throwing it 'out' or 'from' implies that the window is open.


Although I agree that "out the window" makes it clear the window was open, I disagree that "through the window" implies the window was closed. Compare "I went out the door" and "I went through the door." How about "the smell came through the window?" Neither requires any smashing.

The big difference between "though" and "out" is that "out" tells us it left the house. "Through" makes no assumptions about inside or outside.

The question is whether the Italian is specific that way.


I'm not a native english speaker and I would like to know if one could say : "I want to throw this tool BY the window" ?

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No, "by the window" means the tool would land beside the window, or perhaps that the action of throwing it caused the tool to pass beside the window in flight. But it does not mean the tool went through the window (open or closed) at all.


"I want to throw this tool through the window" sounded better to me than "out the window" but it was not accepted by the system.


I wonder if through would be "attraverso"...

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