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Ik heb net mijn gouden uil gekregen :)

I've just completed my final lesson of the English -> Dutch course!

Thanks very much to the course designers for your hard work in making this course :) It's been interesting and humorous.

[Apologies in advance for language mistakes in the following :P ]

Heb net mijn laatste lesje van de Engels -> Nederlands voltooid!

Heel erg bedankt aan de ontwerpers van de cursus, voor jullie harde werk. Het was interessant en grappig :)

(I did know a bit of Dutch before I started, so I was placed about 2/5 of the way in, so I haven't actually had to do as much work as others who have finished the tree)


December 27, 2014



Gefeliciteerd, ueueueueue! :)

I saw your post in the hall of fame thread. I would've upvoted it, if I was allowed to. ;)

Thank you for putting time and effort into finishing our course! Seeing our users complete the tree is always a happy event!

Also, it's great that you found our course to be humorous, it is what we intended our course to be. In addition, thank you for the Dutch message. :)

Good luck with your future language studies!


Geflecteerd! Ik zal het morgen op mijn verjaardag voltooien. Veel succes op jouw andere talen!

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I have some idea of the time and effort involved to complete a tree. Quite a remarkable achievement indeed! Do a search for DuoLingo Golden Owl Hall of Fame and ask Alexis (the club president) to include you as a member of what is an elite group within the Duo community.

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