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  5. "Det är sand i min sko"

"Det är sand i min sko"

Translation:There is sand in my shoe

December 27, 2014



shouldn't this say 'det finns' to mean 'there is...' instead of 'det ar' - which surely means 'it is...'?


”Det finns” is more used to say that something exists, like ”det finns två sorters människor” (there are two types of people) or ”det finns folk som gillar vit choklad” (there are people who like white chocolate). If you’re just talking about something temporary like sand in your shoe, you use ”det är”.


So if I see 'det är...' and want to know if the translation would be 'that is' or 'there is', I have to check the context to see what fits better, right?


I've noticed that Swedish uses ¨Det är...¨ in a lot of places where English uses ¨There is....¨

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