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"Hon trivs med att studera universitetet."

Translation:She enjoys studying at the university.

December 27, 2014



Is 'tycker om' an acceptable alternative to 'trivs med'


Still waiting for answer to this as well


kan man säga bara trivs utan med.


No, not in the sentence above. Trivas requires a preposition or an adverb or possible nothing following.

  • "Jag trivs." - I enjoy my current situation.
  • "Jag trivs här." - I like it at this place.
  • "Jag trivs på universitetet" - I like it at the university
  • "Jag trivs i ditt sällskap." - I enjoy being in your company.
  • "Jag trivs med dig." - I enjoy being with you.
  • "Jag trivs med att studera." - I enjoy studying.
  • "Jag trivs vid havet." - I enjoy being at the sea.


Jag trivs med att läsa dina kommenter


what is the translation for 'She enjoys being a student at the university.'?

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