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the black strip

i don't like the new black strip or bar on the top of the screen , it's very big and i think duolingo should do something about it or reduce it a little so it will be nice

July 20, 2013



I thought it was my browser. It's too big. It covers part of the progress bar and the hearts when you do a lesson.


I noticed this too on Chrome and Safari on my iPad, the black strip at the top is twice the width it used to be and covers about half the clock on practice and other stuff on other pages.


It is fine on my laptop though.


As a temporary workaround, you can try zooming out 1 level (Ctrl and - on your keyboard) which should allow you to fit all the content on one line.

We hope to have this fixed soon!


Works well! Thank you!! (The font size gets smaller, though :D)


It seems that the problem has been fixed, the top-bar behaves normally now. But the discussion about the top-bar raised some other issues. Have you considered adding some accessibility options? (bigger fonts, change the colors etc.) It seems that some people have a problem with their eyesight and some of the features of Duolingo are difficult for them.


I like it as it's easy to see to navigate the site.


Can you send a screenshot? We're not sure what you mean.


My email is balking, but I think you can see it here: http://www.duolingo.com/skill/it/Directions/1

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