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"Mannen skriver datumet brevet."

Translation:The man writes the date on the letter.

December 28, 2014



What are the different usages of på? Is it some kind of multipurpose preposition?


Prepositions are highly irregular in translation between languages. It's something that has to be learned by heart. But very generally, "på" translates to "on".


Would it be wrong to write "onto the letter"?


How do you you know the letter is singular here


Because the plural would have been breven. Neuter words (ett-words) are declined: barn - barnet - barn - barnen (in the order: singular indefinite, singular definite, plural indefinite, plural definite).


How about "the dates"?


That would be datumen.
datum is an ett word: ett datum, datumet and plural datum, datumen.


Can datum be used like the English word "date". In reference to going out with someone?


No, "datum" is only a calendar date. The other kind of date is the obvious loanword "en dejt".


you can also writing // the man is writing the date on the letter


Yup, that's another accepted answer.


But you cannot use "writing" after the verb "can", it must be "can write".


Does anyone have a resource where all of the Swedish cases with prepositions are listed? Where both any of differences between English-Swedish prepositions are listed or Swedish-Russian prepositions, I will appreciate any of those


Första gången förstod jag "Nallen skriver datumet på brevet" men "The teddy bear wrote the date onto the letter" blev icke godkänt :-))


Speaking of prepositions, it would be better with "in the letter" rather than "on the letter". (But it would be on the paper/envelope.)


Why "vilket datum ar det i day? " is translated as " what is THE date today?" if "datum" is "A date"? While in this sentence "the date" appears as "datumet" as it actually is? Grammatically i would write in English "what is THE date today?" why then in swedish sentence with the same meaning it's not "Vad datumet..."?


Your comment is kind of messy but I'll try to give some pointers.

  • "Vilket datum är det idag" literally translates to "Which date is it today", it was most likely translated to "What is the date today" because the contributors thought it sounded better.
  • "Vad datumet" is grammatically incorrect, it would have to be "Vad är datumet" ("What is the date") at least. "What is the date today" translates directly in Swedish to "Vad är datumet idag" but that sounds kind of unnatural to my native ears. I would suggest "Vad är det för datum idag", which doesn't really have a neat, direct translation back to English.
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